Here are some treasures that some of the family members have discovered among their things. Please click on the thumbnail image to see the entire document or photos.

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Sent by Ray Latham, this is a prayer that was written by Chuck Isaly for Thanksgiving, 1957, when he was 11 years old.

Ray even recalls that Chuck was sitting in a dining room chair nearest the front door as he read it to the family. I canonly imagine how proud Gramma and Grampa must have been that he dedicated it to them!

It's a thoughtful and sincere poem, written in Chuck's signature neat, tall lettering.

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Ray also found this letter, written by Grampa Isaly to Gramma Isaly in March, 1936. Ray writes, "This is an amazing letter that reveals a lot about Grandpa and Grandma. She was on vacation with her friends and Aunt Ada in Michigan. The letter speaks about Uncle Earl, getting him a hair cut, his chicken coop, and my Mom (Betty) using his Plymouth instead of her Ford because she didn't have any gas. Then he speaks about an appointment with a woman that was for 9:00AM but she (characteristically) didn't show until 2:00PM." (Note from Ellen: Aunt Ada was actually Ada Martin, and was not a relative, but she was a close friend of Gramma's, so so we affectionately called her "Aunt Ada.")

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From Ellen Isaly Clark's collection, this is a letter written by Bud Isaly to his father, Walter Isaly, in 1930, when Bud was ten years old.

Grampa must have been sick, and Bud was showing his sympathy and hope for a fast recovery, so they could play football together again!

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