June 19, 1927 - October 10, 2008
Married to Earl Isaly
Mother of Tom Isaly, Chuck Isaly, and Patty Isaly Withycombe
Grandmother of Matt Isaly, Jeff Isaly, Brad Isaly, Adam Isaly, Chad Withycombe and Lauren Withycombe
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hirley Ann George was born on June 19, 1926. The daughter of Helen and Ormal George she was born in Dayton, Ohio where she lived until she was three years old. She moved to New York (for 6 years), off to Cleveland for 2 years, then to Columbus, where she landed when she was about 12 years old.

Only a few years after her move to Columbus, as a Jr. at Upper Arlington High School, she met the man she was destined to spend her life with. Shirl was 15 years old and Earl William Isaly was 18, when as she tells it now "I had my eye on him" in English class, and "I chased him, until he caught me". She continued her love affair with Earl during her senior year in high school, even though he had been drafted into the Army, and was sent to Alabama for infantry training.

After Shirley's graduation from high school she attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. During Christmas break, Earl had his Dad (Grampa Isaly), give Shirley an engagement ring on his behalf, and a few weeks later, on January 28, 1944 in Athens, Georgia they were married. Several months later, a "just" pregnant Shirley moved home with her parents as Earl was sent to his first assignment in England.

Tom was born on April 19, 1945 while Earl was then serving his country in Germany. Shortly there after Earl was seriously wounded by a mortar shell (that blessedly was a "dud") and sent back home in a body cast. Tom was 2 months old, Earl was recovering in the hospital, and Shirley found herself with child again (Chuck), which really was quite the feat since Earl was STILL in the body cast (go figure). Several years later in 1948, after eating a large Thanksgiving dinner, Shirley gave birth to her third and final turkey, Patty Ann.

Years of hard work, raising her three children and taking care of Earl, and after many moves from Columbus, Texas, Arizona and finally Florida, she is relaxed and retired in Sarasota. She is the grandmother to six children and great grandmother to five. She misses Earl dearly and feels his presence daily. She is still enjoying her friends, a small amount of travel to visit her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, the occasional golf game, scrabble and dinner with buddies on Saturday night, and visits from the family.

She regrets she can't make the reunion, as this kind of travel is difficult for her. She sends her family the following message "Other than losing Dad, I feel I have been blessed with a long and happy life, and I wish the same for all of you. Please stay well and keep in touch".

Shirley Ann Isaly, as dictated to Patty on April 8, 2008.

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