• • •  SCOTT ERIK LINSCHEID • • •   
BIRTHDAY: October 20, 1971
Married to Heather Scott Linscheid
Father of Nicole Linscheid and Luke Linscheid
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I met Heather in high school, and we have been married for almost 13 years. We have 2 gorgeous children (not biased at all!), Nicole (age 7) and Luke (age 4). We live in Joplin, Missouri.

I am self-employed as an insurance agent. I'm also a field trainer who trains other agents in my region. I love the independence of being self-employed, and enjoy helping others with their needs.

In my business, I sell annuities, life insurance, long term care, health insurance, and Medicare supplements. I've qualified for many conferences through my sales, including Hawaii, Vancouver, Los Cabos, Washington D.C., and I'm currently working on making a trip to Ireland.

We are very active in our church - Christ's Community United Methodist, and have attended there for 12 years. Heather leads an adult Bible study, and this year she going to try to brave orchestrating the summer Vacation Bible school with a couple of close friends. We have a Saturday night "blue jean" service we attend which is very casual and we love it! Great friends, great music, and great atmosphere, what's not to love?

Our family just went to Disney World last week for Spring Break, and we had a marvelous time! It was exciting and far better than I even expected. We had to visit the ocean one day, because Heather and I can't be that close to one and not visit it! Our passion is travel, adventure, and flying by the seat of our pants! We love going places with no agenda in mind (not exactly the case with a Disney World trip, but we adjusted). We love exploring, hiking, scuba diving, biking, white water rafting, and boating/water sports. It is also a lot of fun hanging out in the back yard with the kids or having a large bonfire with friends. (we live outside city limits, so we can have a big bonfire!) Life is very good!