BIRTHDAY: July 1, 1945 - June 5, 2010
Son of Betty Isaly Latham and Raymond Latham
Brother of Anne Latham Stiles
Grandson of Walter Isaly and Henrietta Isaly
Married to Ginny Latham
Father of Tom Latham and Dan Latham
Ray and Ginny in Hawaii - January, 2010
See the VIDEO TRIBUTE to Ray Latham, who passed away on June 5, 2010.
Click to enlarge this image of a Court Proclamation in honor of Ray Latham, signifying October 25, 2010 as Ray Latham Day in Fairfield, Connecticut.
aymond R. Latham, Jr. was born in Gainesville, Florida in July, 1945 with WWII still underway, approximately ten months after Elizabeth (Betty) Isaly Latham and Raymond Rockey Latham were married in New Orleans, where he was stationed. "I lived in Gainesville for about two weeks, then moved back to New Orleans for the remainder of the war and army service". Following discharge from the army, the small family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida and lived with Grandpa Latham who was a world class builder, having been the prime contractor on the OSU Stadium, the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain (longest bridge in the world), and some of the bridges that connect the Florida Keys. "We lived in Florida until I was about four years old. My Mother had a movie camera, so my recollections of the times come from movies taken at the time.

In 1949, we moved back to Upper Arlington on Tremont Road. Anne was born and I was very proud of her (still am). My parents were divorced and Uncle Bud Isaly, moved in with us. The Isaly family was close, Grandpa used to stop by several times each week after work, and we always got together on Sunday's. By the time I was nine years old, we had moved to a nice apartment on Northwest Blvd, and I had a paper route. I remember this well, as I continued to have one until I was sixteen and could get a job. On Sundays, I remember the papers were so heavy and big, I had to pull my wagon several miles, so I was very happy when my Mother (with my sister, Anne) got up at 5:00AM and we used the car to carry the papers instead. During these years, I as heavily involved with the choir at the church, and my Mother made sure I was active in Cub Scouts and baseball, and I loved working with my trains and developed a love and talent for electronics. Grandpa and I were very close, and he was like a father to me. He called me 'Doc'. Every Saturday (for years), we visited his rental apartments and fixed things, or worked around the house where I was responsible for mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, and eradicating termites. We moved to a Suffolk Road apartment when I was in the sixth grade and I became interested in tennis and I went to Culver for eight weeks in the Summer of 1958. All of these contributed to my development of self confidence and an understanding on my part of who I was.

My high school years continued to be a wonderful environment in which to grow up. I got a job at the Big Bear as a 'carry out' where I continued to work part-time for years. I was still active in the Boy Scouts, becoming an Eagle Scout. At church, I worked on my 'Christian Leadership Award' starting in the tenth grade by forming the 'Lighting and Sound Crew' where we built a control room for the Lincoln Road Chapel, and built HO gage train sets for Franklin Village, the county orphanage. Our youth minister, Gabe Campbell, who later married Ginny and me, used this group to help troubled young boys find a place where they could excel and develop self confidence. To this day, that has been a theme of my life, as the Boy Scout program does the same thing. I also joined the Junior Achievement program and was elected the president of my company for three years. Clearly, my Mother exposed me to men of character who influenced my life.

Starting in the Summer of 1966, I worked for Lennox Industries, for which I am grateful to my Uncle Earl. Both Tom and Chuck Isaly also worked there, so we became even closer friends. Tom and I shared classes at the OSU business school. Following graduation from OSU, I worked for GE in Syracuse and went to Syracuse University for Graduate school and was a teacher for the grad school computer program. I was on the GE Financial Management Program (FMP), but worked in the computer area - my passion.

In 1970, while working for Celanese Corp. in Charlotte, NC, (computer services group) I met the love of my life, Ginny, and we were married in NYC, where I was on assignment managing the computers for an acquisition. We later moved to Louisville, then to Connecticut in 1975 just after my son, Tom, was born. Five years later, Dan was born. Both boys joined the Boy Scouts, where I was the scoutmaster for twelve years, and both boys went to Culver - Tom went for seven years. We jointly built a huge train set, and Tom, who was into skateboarding, had a half pipe that we created with his friends in our back yard -- the envy of his friends at the time. Dan acquired a similar love of computers & technology while he was growing up that may be greater than mine.

For the last thirty years we have been building Computer Systems Consultants, Inc., (CSC) where we produce medical office software (EMR and Appointments) and sell it nationally with over 2400 installations at this time. It is what I always wanted to do and Ginny is my VP - we have had a good time working together for all of this time. Since 2003, I have been VP-Programs for the Connecticut Yankee Council of the Boy Scouts, serving over 24,000 youth in Southern CT. I still firmly believe in the program and am still active in the troop that is sponsored by our church.

My life has been blessed with two fine, successful, young men, the most wonderful and understanding wife who has allowed me to pursue the creation of my company and a family foundation that is second to none.