BIRTHDAY: October 14, 1969
Son of Tom Isaly and Jean Medley Isaly
Married to Kim Imotichey-Isaly
Father of Elizabeth Isaly and Catherine Isaly
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was married in 1992 to Kimberly, who I met in college, and we have two children Elizabeth (10 yrs) and Catherine (8 yrs). Kim is a stay at home mom and keeps very busy with volunteering at the girls' school and taxiing them around to their sundry activities: volleyball, dance, soccer, swim, etc. When Kim is not with the girls, it is a good bet you'll find her on the tennis courts --- as she participates in two leagues. (I can still beat her though!)

I have been fortunate enough to work from home for the past 8 years. Xchanging plc is a services and software provider based in London. My primary role as Product Manager is to look after the functionality of our software and demonstrate it to prospects --- and every once in a while help in making a sale! My jurisdiction is North America & the Caribbean, although found myself in Cyprus last year --- which is an interesting part of the world.

Kim and I will take this opportunity to brag on our two daughters. Elizabeth is an all "A" student and seems to be hitting her stride as of late. She is a member of a 7-person school improvisational team, which has just won the Houston district competition --- next stop State in April and hopefully the World competition in May. Her favorite sport is volleyball, and has started to play for our local club, Texas Tornados. She is doing extremely well and practices all the time. Hoping she gets Grandma Jean's height!

Catherine is also an all "A" student --- and I would say has a tough act to follow being behind Elizabeth; however, Catherine seems to march to a different beat that only she can hear! (Believe she inherited this trait from the "cousin" generation, but I won't name names.) She is an excellent athlete --- tall, strong and fast. Her favorite sport is soccer where she has a knack for scoring; however, I think her sport will eventually be volleyball.

We are very blessed that Elizabeth and Catherine are best of friends, and if we'd let Catherine --- she'd sleep every night with her big sister. We are also very fortunate to live in a wonderful neighborhood, where Kim and I along with the girls have forged many friendships.