• • •  JEREMY MAHLON SCOTT • • •    
BIRTHDAY:May 21, 1976
Son of Anne Latham Scott Stiles and Greg Scott
Brother of Heather Scott
Grandson of Betty Isaly Latham
Father of Andrew Gilbert
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moved to Lawton, Oklahoma six months ago from Dallas to work for a home builder in this "boomtown". I am currently Director of Construction for The Oaks Development Company. When you enter town you'll read a sign that says: "Welcome to Lawton, set your clock back 20 years." I think it's more like 35 or 40 years but I'm getting used to it.

My son, Andrew (12) is active in baseball and soccer. My daughter, Payton (8) is involved in girl scouts and loves to swim. They will both change the world in their own unique way and I expect nothing less from two kids that have a family as rich in hereditary superiority as ours (I doubt any of you will argue).

The last time I saw most of you I was 2 inches shorter, 30 pounds lighter, and a lot brighter than I am now. Don't lose any sleep on my account though, I still know how to laugh, even during tax season.