• • •  GINNY RIZZO LATHAM • • • 
BIRTHDAY: January 18, 1946
Married to Ray Latham
Mother of Tom Latham and Dan Latham
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Ginny and Ray in Hawaii - January, 2010

came to the U.S. when I was 18. I grew up in the small town of Castrofilippo located in the beautiful southern west coast of Sicily, Italy a few minutes away from the province city of Agrigento - the site of the ancient Greek ruins that tourists from all over the world visit. The Greek ruins of Agrigento are known to be much better than the ones in Greece. Although my immediate family lives in New York City, I have a few relatives and many friends and neighbors who still live in Sicily - some of the nicest, warmest and hospitable people I have known in my life.

Ray actually prefers to go to Taormina, which is a beautiful resort city located on top of a mountain with views of Mount Etna, the european highest active volcano, often capped with snow, with breathtaking views of The Mediterranean Sea. Whenever Ray and I visit Sicily, we go to Taormina and then travel to my hometown for two hours to stay with family and friends.

Ray and I have been married 36 years. We met while working for Celanese Corporation in New York City where I worked as an executive secretary. Ray worked out of the Charlotte, N.C. office but used to go on business trips to New York all the time. I have been working with Ray for our consulting and development company for nearly 30 years. We sell nationally to medical doctors and provide tech support. We travel to medical shows and seminars but we find time to have fun while traveling combining business with pleasure.

We have two sons, Tom, 32, who works for MetLife and Dan, 27, who works for a post production company, Outpost Digital, in Santa Monica and lives in Los Angeles, CA. Both guys are Eagle Scouts just like their Dad - something I am very proud of. Ray and I enjoy going to New York City to see Broadway shows, dinner and shopping.

We are so excited to meet all the cousins in Scottsdale. "Cuzzie" Ellie has sure done a fantastic job in getting us all together.

Arrivederci a tutti (See you all soon)