BIRTHDAY: March 22, 1946
Son of Earl Isaly and Shirley George Isaly
Brother of Tom Isaly and Patty Isaly Withycombe
Father of Jeff Isaly, Brad Isaly, and Adam Isaly
Grandfather of Brooke Isaly, Meagan Isaly, and Conner Isaly
Married to Audrey Ernst Isaly
Email Chuck
ello, family members across the country. I am truly looking forward to your arrival in Phoenix for the wonderful event Ellen is orchestrating.

As many of you already know I am living happily ever after in Scottsdale with my wife Audrey (Auddiee) and my youngest son Adam, now 13. I have been blessed with a wonderful life and I have never enjoyed it more than I am at this very time. I have three fantastic sons, Jeff, Brad, and Adam and three precocious, beautiful, and energetic grandchildren, Connor, Brooke, and Meagan. I look forward to you getting to learn a little about them from the wonderful web site Ellie is putting together. My otherwise wonderful life is enhanced even more when I have the opportunity to spend time with the kids and grandkids. I am so proud of all of them and delight in their successes.

My favorite past times are reading, working out, golf, traveling with Aud and spending time with our mutual friends. Adam is involved in a number of sports so, great times for me include being a very enthusiastic spectator. Sometimes maybe too enthusiastic. Golf is a real passion for me and I get an extra kick out of it when Brad, who only lives 5 minutes away, and I get a chance to play together. I haven't been able to get Adam interested yet but who knows what the future may hold. Sister Patty has really gotten into the game so I am looking forward to some quality time with her on the links.

I wish Jeff, Seanne, Brooke and Meagan lived closer but I know how much they love Portland and they have made a wonderful life there. This summer Aud and I will be doing a little traveling and it will certainly include visiting Jeff and family either in Portland or meeting them somewhere for a vacation.

Love to all and God bless.