• • •  AUDREY ERNST ISALY  • • •  
Married to Chuck Isaly
BIRTHDAY: December 10, 1965
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am actually a native of The Garden State, born in Neptune, New Jersey. I will tell you one little story about myself before I moved to Phoenix when I was 16.

When I was in the fourth grade, my best friend, Susy and I decided we wanted to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. Our commitment was to break the existing record for time spent in uninterrupted crawling. Nuts uh. Anyway we had witnesses and were even written up in the local newspaper. We also got pledges from people to raise money for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We crawled around the neighborhood for eleven and one half hours and, indeed, broke the record. Unfortunately, before the next issue of the Guiness Book was published, someone else broke our record.

After I completed my formal education I studied for and received my license as a stockbroker. It was too cutthroat for me but it did spark an entrepreneurial spirit within me. I became fascinated with the Mail Box Etc. concept and determined that I could open independent stores using the concept, get them up and running, and then sell them. I ultimately opened seven of them in the Phoenix area and sold them off.

In my mid-twenties I decided to move back to Jersey for awhile. While I was there I actually took over a distressed dry cleaning business, turned it around and sold it. I also bought and renovated some single family properties and sold them. A few years later it was back to Phoenix. I bought a full service car wash, got it up and running profitably and, guess what, sold it. Car washes are tough. I met Chuckie, about that time, on the practice range of a golf course, I fell in love with him and Adam and that was that.

I still have a interest in real estate and have my license. Chuckie and I work on deals together. Other than spending time with my family, including my mom, dad, brother and two nephews back in Jersey, my passions are tennis and travel. Chuckie and I love to cruise and we have a great one set up for this June to Spain, France, Italy, and Malta. I also spend time working at the Ronald McDonald House at St. Joseph's Hospital and with the local Make a Difference Foundation.

Enough about me. I want to read about everyone else and I am looking forward to meeting you all. Love, Auddiee