BIRTHDAY: August 15, 1949
Daughter of Betty Latham

Sister of Ray Latham

Mother of Heather Scott Linscheid and Jeremy Scott
Married to Paul Stiles
Grandmother of Nicole Linscheid, Luke Linscheid, and Andrew Gilbert
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As you all know, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse at the early age of 4. I've never strayed from that vision and continue to truly love my job. I've been an RN since 1971 practicing mostly in the field of nursing of children and families. I began teaching in 1978, and continued practicing nursing on weekends and holidays up until 2000, at which time I devoted all of my time to teaching and research. I've been at TWU on the "mother campus" in Denton, Texas since 2002. TWU has campuses in Houston and Dallas also. We produce more nursing graduates per year than any other nursing school in Texas, and we are the largest PhD nursing program in the US. I became Doctoral Program Coordinator in 2006 and was promoted to Interim Associate Dean in 2007. Since I've never been an administrator, I am learning many new things in this position. I love the challenge of juggling 15 balls in the air at once and being required to make substantial decisions that affect the lives of many students at all levels of our program, from bachelors through doctorate. I also continue to teach in the doctoral program, author journal articles, and chair dissertations for seven students. Sadly, my research on adolescent maternal sensitivity and infant secure attachment has had to be put on hold for now.

I'm happily married to Paul Stiles since 1996. After our marriage (literally on our honeymoon) his health went rapidly downhill and he was diagnosed with Primary Amyloidosis, congestive heart failure secondary to atrial fibrillation, diabetes, and a subsequent amputation of one leg. We laugh that he married me just because I was a nurse. But honestly, we both thought he was perfectly healthy when we married. We have had some rough patches, but he is a real trooper with a fantastic positive attitude. He retired from teaching middle school in 2004 and has been spending a lot of time bass fishing and making lures. This is his passion. He also enjoys making furniture, although doesn't get to do this very often. In my spare time I love to make jewelry out of all sorts of materials: silver, copper, gold, pearls, semi precious stones, glass beads of all sizes and shapes. I've actually had a small one person business called Anne's Bead Creations since 2000. I sell at weekend arts and craft shows, at a beauty salon and to friends and acquaintances. It's great fun! When I lived in Little Rock I sold at the gift shop of their art gallery! I've also won an award for a necklace I made from handmade Raku beads strung on leather.

I now have four beautiful grandchildren: Heather and Scott's children are Luke, age 4 and Nicole, age 7. They are smart as tacks and cute as can be. Nicole loves reading but is also somewhat of a tomboy. She loves sports like soccer and gymnastics. But she also doesn't mind getting dressed up now and then! Luke has the most expressive eyes I've ever seen. He is all boy and loves nothing better than playing with a ball- any kind of ball will do! Jeremy's son is Andrew and lives close to Oklahoma City. Jeremy lives in Lawton, Oklahoma so they get to see each other about every 2-3 weekends. Andrew has always looked identical to Jeremy and his personality is also the same. He is a precious child who is now 12! He loves soccer and baseball and X box games. Payton is Jeremy's stepdaughter (not a legal adoption). Since Jeremy's divorce, he has continued to see Payton on a regular basis and she comes and stays with Paul and I occasionally. She is 8 years old, cute and loves to swim in our pool. She's a real fish. She also loves to watch movies with us.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone in Phoenix in April. It's been a very long hiatus and it's time we renewed our family bonds. See you soon!