• • •  ADAM WILLIAM ISALY  • • •
Birthday: September 5, 1994
Son of Chuck Isaly and Debbie Bardwell
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ello to all my relatives, the ones I have met and the ones yet to meet. I am a teenager now (13), in the 7th grade, and go to school at Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran School. I started there in kindergarten and will finish there at the end of 8th grade. Although it's a small school I have made a lot of great friends, both students and teachers, and Dad says I am getting a good education. School is right around the corner. I can skateboard there in less than 10 minutes. I am doing good in school.

I have received one President's Award (from President Bush) for my academics and am working to receive one more at the end of 8th grade from our next president. It signifies an A average. Last year I received an invitation from the People to People International Organization, started by President Eisenhower, to attend a week long conference in Washington D.C. with other students across the country and internationally. It was a great experience and fun. We went to the House of Representatives and I got to meet one of our representatives and actually sat in his chair, at his congressional office.

I really enjoy sports much more than school. I play soccer, baseball, basketball, and participate in track. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite basketball player is LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers even though my favorite team is Phoenix.

I play the piano and guitar and my favorite past times are sleeping, eating, basketball, video games and hanging out with my friends. The video games my friends and I play generally involve car racing. One of the greatest times I've had recently was when Ellen and Rob came out to Phoenix for the Barrett Jackson Car Auction. Dad let me take a day off school and I got to spend it at Barrett Jackson with Rob. Thanks again for that. One other thing. My favorite foods are pizza and clam chowder.

See you all soon. Adam