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elcome to the website dedicated to the descendants of Walter Eugene Isaly and Henrietta Abernethy Isaly! Here you'll meet the children, spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these two wonderful people who played a prominent part in the lives of each person in the family!

Walter and Henrietta, known to the grandchildren as "Grampa and Gramma," lived in a lovely home at 2342 Arlington Avenue in Upper Arlington, Ohio. When they moved into the house in 1916, Upper Arlington was a community in its infancy, having been formed in 1913. This stately stone house was the Isaly home from 1916 until 1974, and for those fifty-eight years, three generations of Isaly descendants filled it with warmth and love.

Gramma and Grampa had three children: Betty, born in 1918; Bud, born in 1920, and Earl, born in 1924. Following is an illustration of those children's families:

Generation 1    Generation 3     Generation 3  
  Generation 4     Generation 5
BETTY (Margaret Elizabeth Isaly)
Betty married Raymond Latham and they had two children
Raymond Latham Jr., who married Ginny Rizzo and had two children.
Thomas Raymond Latham
Daniel Raymond Latham
Anne Hester Latham, who married Greg Scott and had two children.
Heather Anne Scott, who married Scott Linscheid and had two children.
Nicole Ashley Linscheid
Luke Tyler Linscheid
Jeremy Mahlon Scott, who had one son
Andrew Gilbert
BUD (Walter Thomas Isaly)
Bud married Bette Williams and they had one child:
Ellen Isaly, who married William Arthur Clark and had two children.
William Thomas Clark
Robert Earl Clark
EARL (Earl William Isaly)
Earl married Shirley Ann George and they had three children.
Thomas George Isaly, who married Jean Medley and had one child.
Matthew Thomas Isaly, who married Kim Imotichey and had two children.
Elizabeth Ann Isaly
Catherine Lynn Isaly
Charles William Isaly, who married Sharon Martin and had two children
Jeffrey Scott Isaly, who married Seanne and had two children.
Brooke Isaly
Meagan Isaly
Bradley William Isaly, who married Denise Young and had one child.
Conner Isaly
Adam William Isaly (Mother is Deborah Bardwell)
Patricia Ann Isaly, who married Keith Withycombe and had two children.
Chad Earl Withycombe
Lauren Kelly Withycombe

The six cousins of Generation 3 (Tom, Ray, Chuck, Patty, Anne and Ellen) all lived in Columbus through high school and gathered together at Gramma and Grampa's house nearly every week for Sunday dinner. Our Christmas and Easter dinners were a tradition in that dining room, where we crowded around the table and made memories.

The years have passed into yesteryears now, but those memories remain. The family has grown and expanded, and all the cousins have moved away from Columbus, Ohio except for Ellen.

Here's hoping that this website will help to keep us in touch and informed as the family continues to change, and new names and photos are added to its page in the coming years.

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